Blue Water Basics - Fish Identification Part 1

Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

Mahi Mahi are also known as Dorado and Dolphin. They are colorful fish but don’t always appear as colorful underwater. Below is an example of Mahi Mahi.
Mahi Mahi fish in puerto rico.
Mahi Mahi fish in Puerto Rico.

Here is an example of what the fish may look like while it is swimming underwater:

Interesting Fact: The fish will lose all of its beautiful color shortly after it dies.


One of the most delicious and sought after fish in the sea! Known for being a high speed fish that puts up a great fight.

Below is an example of a wahoo swimming in the sea:

Interesting Fact: Wahoo like fast food. Most rod and reel caught Wahoo is at a pretty fast trolling speed.

Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda are an agressive predator and can be found inshore and offshore. Known for eating whatever you’re catching on rod and reel.

Great Barracuda in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a detailed video of this fascinating fish:

Interesting Fact: Though many refrain from eating barracuda, the smaller ones are generally as safe to eat as any other fish and taste delicious if prepared properly. Also they love to bite at shiny things so diving with jewelry can be a safety hazard.

Rainbow Runner

Another delicious fish that is not always commercially valued but could easily be. The meat is similar to tuna.

rainbow runner fish in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a video of what the rainbow runner may look like underwater:

Interesting Fact: The rainbow runner meat could easily be mistaken for tuna in a poke bowl when fresh.

King Mackerel / Spanish Mackerel / Kingfish

Depending on where you live you will either call this fish a Kingfish or a Spanish Mackerel. Mackerel have a lot of different varieties so the jury is somewhat out on what they “should” be called. In some places the “Spanish Mackerel” will have slight hints of a tiger striping similar to the wahoo. The ones here in Puerto Rico look more that the ones in the image below and the video.

Mackerel in Puerto Rico - kingfish, spanish mackerel.

Here is a video of a Spanish Mackerel / King Mackerel being shot:

Interesting Fact: This fish has extremely sharp teeth and is known to bite at the rigging of rod and reel fishermen such as swivels and lock swivels.

Cero Mackerel

The cero mackerel is a sushi grade fish with extremely white meat.

I couldn’t find a good video of these guys swimming in the water so I’m going to have to make one myself and post it.

Interesting Fact: Cero Mackerel love shiny things and will even bite at a hook with no bait during a feeding frenzy.