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Spearfishing is a unique form of hunting that combines the peaceful world of free-diving with the thrill of catching fish and crustaceans. Spearing is a truly immersive sport that demands focus and relaxation simultaneously. Explore the beautiful reefs of Puerto Rico and harvest a variety of fish that each have their own delicious flavor that you might never get to try elsewhere. Or you might just be fortunate enough to  stumble across some Caribbean Spiny Lobster that you can grab with gloved hands.  The exhilarating experience of blending with the ocean to become a predator is truly unique and highly-addictive. Welcome to the wonderful world of spearfishing in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Spearfishing Kayak Tour

All bookings are contingent on weather conditions so please let us know the dates of your stay when contacting us in case adjustments need to be made.

What You Get

This is a guided tour lead by experts in the area. All necessary equipment is provided as well as drinks and snacks.